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Waiting for the DXN Travel Seminar

Waiting for the DXN Travel Seminar

Every year there is something what we are looking forward to. Last year we were in Dubai and in this year we are going to Malaysia in May and the next year we’re going to the Norwegian Fjords. This is how we do for 9 years.

I’m looking forward to this trip so much. We were there 6 years ago and my memories still live in my mind vividly. The Petronas Towers what is an amazing sight with its wonderful night lights. When you see it you feel that you would like to see it all night.

This year is a round anniversary and we will celebrate the 25th birthday of DXN and I will be on the stage for a short presentation as a Crown Diamond. Maybe that’s why I’m waiting for this trip so much. Maybe I’m waiting for this trip because I can see the wonderful Singapore again. I can admire the famous hotel again what looks like a ship with a fantastic pool.

Maybe I’m waiting for this trip because this will be my first travel to Thailand. I can be back in Buddha on Penang Island where everything is about harmony. A city where you can hear a soft and relaxed music from everywhere. A city where the thoughts are clean.

I’m waiting for this trip because the luxury cruise and the sea always enchants me and we can be finally together with DXN leaders from all around the world. I’m waiting for this trip because at these events there are always some new announcements from the DXN.

I’m very happy because at the anniversary event there will be many from my business partners who will see the DXN Farm for the first time and who will meet with Dr. Lim for the first time. I’m also very happy because we can travel with my children again and this is the most important thing for a father.

Finally I may just be waiting for this trip because it is good to enjoy the results of our 9 years of work. I believe in that if anybody who work 2 years in DXN with hard focus can reach that the DXN finance his travel every year.

Let’s consider if you drink coffee but it is not DXN coffee. You should consider if you take some vitamins but those vitamins are not the DXN food-supplements. You should consider if you watch a TV series instead of you share your experiences. Consider if you say that you don’t have any free time. Consider if you complain that it is impossible for you. It is possible! Good Luck! Because you know that the luck is which side…