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The role of proactive leaders

The role of proactive leaders

I’ve been watching myself, the leaders of my environment and the possible leaders for a couple of years. This is az exciting thing. Your efficiency depends on how can you transfer into the thoughts of others what you experience. You should do it that they feel this to themselves. If this won’t be successful then you won’t be successful either. Usually it is very hard to change ourselves and we hope that it’s easier to change the others. But this isn’t working like this.

My post is about the activity and efficiency. What can we use to exclude others from their normal environment? Of course I’m not writing about those people whose daily lives are guided by their successful habits. I’m writing those people who knows that something should happen but they don’t do the actually routines which leads them to the positive changes.

The real success is when the others feel that they don't need you.

The real success is when the others feel that they don’t need you.

How the successful leaders achieve their results? How they find leaders? I see that they act. They don’t hope that they partners are doing their job. They are placed them in position. The proactivity is the biggest feature of the real leaders. They don’t work like that because somebody said that to them. They do that because they know that they will move things because of that. So that is why they will find followers and later leaders. Lazy leaders never find active leaders. We tried so many time to trust in leaders who had the ability to work effective but it took several months or years to produce something.

The leaders always show the example. They go and make events and meetings until the well-trained leader take their place. Your independence, your entrepreneurial freedom and your passive income depends on that you do for your success or waiting the success like a gambler. The gamblers rarely become leaders. Those people will be good leaders who do their daily target with internal engagement. These people will be respected by the others and urge others to act.

Be the leader of your team. Do what you haven’t done so far and you’ll see that you will have great results.

This is what I  always experience if I start to work somewhere. Candidates and interested people who have been affected by the vision of a better life. We met once, twice and speaking each other many times. But the real step is when we make a decision that we do it together. Sometimes they get scared but the process is irreversible. Because small steps and successes show that they can do it. A process starts. But only the leaders can start this process. The motions of real success are always the leaders.

The leaders who trust but they can see, too. Trust in everyone but look at what they do. If they don’t do don’t wait for them. This is my, your and also their pledge of success. Be a proactive leader of your environment. Let’s do small things then bigger and bigger. Good luck for you! 🙂