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The 25th birthday of DXN is coming

The 25th birthday of DXN is coming

DXN LeaderOnly 92 days and we will take a part in the 25th birthday event of DXN in Malaysia. The round anniversaries are always important in the life of a company. That is absolutely true for the DXN, too. The preparation is very big because in this birthday event there will be so many DXN Family member from around the world.

When the DXN began its story so many DXN member weren’t born yet. (For example my children 🙂 ). But in nowadays they also feel the advantages of the products and the financial advantages of the great marketing plan. It is good to thinking about that a company created and during this time generations grow up and make million dollars turnover. The one-man enterprise today has DXN Leaderalready 7 million independent salesman and more than 1000 employee in the whole world. This is because we have good products, good vision and good business ethics.

25 years expresses many things. Recognizes the quality of the products. Proves the confidence of the market and creates the opportunity for the further development.

I’m waiting for the day when we will celebrate the birthday of the company in Kuala Lumpur coupled with a fantastic reward trip. I’m very glad to have a place in the stage of the DXN World.