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Cross-boarder friendships

Cross-boarder friendships

dxnmlmdiamon.com8 years ago when I joined to the DXN I didn’t think about that I’ll have friends with different skin colour with different religion and from different culture. And yes they are my friends now because I countinously getting things from them what the friends used to give to their friend.

They give attention, love and mutual respect to me. The borders, policy, skin colour and the religion don’t prevent these things. Only one thing is important! Do you want to help to others, could you help to others and are you paying attention to others. It’s hard to express the gratitude what I feel and what I experienced.

The world is full of valuable people and doesn’t matter where are you from. All that dxnmlmdiamon.commatters is what is your intention! The DXN brings people together. We learn how to pay attention to the people and we learn to search the values in people.We learn how to communicate to the others without preconception. If we give just that to the operation of the world then it would be the life more beautiful in this world.

So it is a really big pleasure to be your friend, Sulaiman Abdulrahman! 🙂