Changes as a Crown Diamond

Many people ask us that what has changed since we became Crown Diamond. It is hard to draw up but the first thing what reminds me is the responsibility. Responsibility for the company because as top leader I have to represent the really high ethical value of the DXN more than ever. Responsibility for our members because we have to help them in the continuous development. Responsibility in the sponsorship of the new members because the example is the best what teaches you. And finally responsibility for ourselves.

The success is a status and it depends on us that we will move forward or we will be comfortable and stay at this status. We promise to everyone that our next 5 years will be very active. The best period of the DXN will come in Europe and we want to undertake a big part in this. We want to be part of it as a leader, a mentor, an example for other but as an active networker, too. We will be at the DXN events, on the coffeepartys, at the conversations and we will be available on telephones and on many online tools.

We simply enjoy and want to this great change what has become a part of our life. And we want to carry this news of change further as an Ambassador as soon as possible. Be part of this amazing change!

About Szabolcs Czerna

DXN Gold Diamond
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