How to become successful Diamond by DXN MLM ?

Better than free

Better than free

I often hear in the advertisments that for FREE. I wonder that what it means for free? What kind of thoughts starts in our conscious and in our subconscious self?

Meaning of free: It doesn’t cost money, we don’t have to give something in exchange. source:

homeless-295489_960_720This is the facts. But what does it mean for our thoughts? Does the free have value because we don’t give anything in exchange. How we feel ourselfs when we get something for free? Are we obliged? Or we have a feeling that we have to give something in exchange? Everybody decide it for himself.

In the business philosophy of DXN there is an opportunity to register for free. Sometimes this is a good idea if a new member doesn’t want commissions from DXN or any refund and he doesn’t want to pay a registration fee for the use of products. This is right at this time. But I see some people who registers in DXN with business-building intentions for free then they will remain in this position. I wonder why they chose the free registration what doesn’t involve commission payments. Did their subconscious self know that in advance? The answer is riddle but one thing is sure. At the DXN there is an opportunity which is better then free and it doesn’t damage our consciousness towards inefficiency.

These thing are the packs of the Dinamic Start Program. You get back more than you put moneybox-158346_960_720into it. As a math operation the formula is easy. The free means “0” so zero. For the DSP pack you pay X amount and you could get back 110%-130%-150%. So you will get back 10%-30%-50% beside the products what buy. So we can state that at the DXN you are in plus from the beginning and if the first 3 month you recommend and share your experiences actively every time when you register a people with DSP you will get another extra 30% of bonus. The free registration can compete difficulty with this. But the decision is yours! Good Luck!