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Are you powerless? Have you no self-confidence?

Are you powerless? Have you no self-confidence?

DXN LeaderYes, I am very grateful because I feel I am a lucky person. Lucky because I feel the power in myself. Lucky because I have self-confidence. Yes but I wasn’t born like this. There is no class in the hospital for the self-confidence babies. I didn’t experience such a classification.  We all was born with naked backside and we all cried. But much smile and tears of joy waited for us outside the world. The luck is emerging after that… Of course there are parental circumstances, upbringing or school. This is also true because these mediums shaped us a lot. We are intelligent creatures and we can recognize our situation. We can assign the starting points in all of our life period. But never forget the naked backside and the identity. If other people could live a self-confident, dynamic life then everybody could do it, too. Maybe they start to learn later or they find their positive medium later but everyone could live like that. Our life is a learning process where we meet each other in different stages of life. Many people are ahead of you many people are behind you. You can do something in every stage of life or in every age to make your life better. You are the magician! Of course there are many fantastic magician or mentalist and there are terrible magician, too. This is also a result of the learning process. How much do you invest in to be successful?

Let’s start this new year with the idea that everyone started the journey from the same place and everyone will finish the journey with the same way. The only thing what doesn’t matter is what did you leave behind?

Start to learn, choose appropriate medium, practice, create and be committed to what you do. The commitment will give you the self-confidence and the power to do it. Those who are not committed are suffering and searching their place in this world.

The commitment doesn’t mean that I’m committed because now it’s good but also will be good in the future despite if there may be some “pitfall”.  I’m not thinking about easier ways. I’m doing my job with more energy because I’m committed. That’s why the long marriages work or that’s why the long business relationships and friendships work. The driving force is that in these area.

I wish you that make decision about commitment in many area of your life and you will have happier relationships and you will be more successful in your business. Then the result of that will be a more happier and self-confident life.

I wish you that for the year of 2018!