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With Jane Yau at DXN Office in Vienna

Jane Yau has been active as a Ganotherapist for over 14 years and recommends the DXN products. She gave a great presentation on the prevention of diseases and the health benefits of Ganoderma and Cordyceps mushrooms. It was full house … Continue reading

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A new post about DXN network building, maybe for you.

If you are reading this now, you have curiosity and there is a little devil in you what you can do with the DXN business. I’ll be honest, I don’t know. I don’t know your goals, your motivation, your environment … Continue reading

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Official DXN grand opening in Austria

DXN service center has officially opened in Vienna on May 5. Our co-partners had been working assiduously for a long time to achieve the revenue target which was set by DXN. By this time, our partners can shopping and negotiate … Continue reading

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DXN Presentation in the United Kingdom

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The first DXN meetings in France

Last week we were with Eszter Rohaly DXN leader in Paris. We organised four event about “DXN business opportunity in France” We can work with some very magnificent leaders in France and Belgium.

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DXN presentations in Germany

I was in Saarbrucken this week. I gave two presentations about DXN products and business opportunity. I was very happy, because there were several people, who interested seriously in DXN business. Go Judith. Coming up soon…

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DXN ITSI 2013 3thd day: DXN Farm

In the morning, we left Langkawi sadly, but this time it was with a completely new feeling, than at the first time. At the first time we did not know if we would ever come back again. Now, after our … Continue reading

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DXN CEO Dr. Lim Sio Jin in Budapest

Ganoterapeuta training by Dr Lim in Budapest. Ganotherapy in general: In the world today, majority of the population are in the state of ‘pre-illness’ due to environmental pollution, stresses and unhealthy lifestyle such as consuming diets which are high in … Continue reading

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Jane Yau DXN ganoterapeuta in Hungary

Jane Yau and her son were our guest in Budapest. Jane more than 10 years ego started to medicate with ganoderma mushroom. I and our team enjoyed Jane’s presentation.

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Dr. Ranjan was in Budapest

Last weekend Dr. Ranjan was my guest in Budapest. He a famous cardiologist in India. We learned about DXN ganoderma lucidum more again.

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