How to become successful Diamond by DXN MLM ?

VI. DXN Diamond Weekend on the Czérna Success-Farm

I am looking forward to this meeting more and more every year. People, leaders come here, who want to be here and for whom the participation is prestige. This year, in addition to Czérna Success-Farm, the Zolka Inn was the location. It was good to plan the future, to define…

The first DXN Info Center in our team

As a new initiative, we launched Info Centers in our team in Budapest. In collaboration with Szilárd and Heni Mátrai, in the first meeting, Dr. Sándor Deák, head physician of internal medicine held a fantastic lecture on the relationship between functioning of our body and the DXN products.

Barcelona is the venue of this year’s DXN Leadership Training camp

In late July, the parent company organizes the 3rd DXN Leadership Training Camp in Barcelona. Because of the wonderful location, several participants extend their journey, so we can consult with our business partners from many different countries and also to plan for the following period. The invited presenter Dr. Lim…