Networking party in the DXN Center

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I organize trainings on a monthly basis for those who want to be more confident in a situation where they can talk to other people about their DXN business or products. On these evenings, you will get feedback on the … Continue reading

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DXN Leadership Meeting in Gárdony

DXN organized a forward-looking and useful meeting to the Star Ruby and Star Diamond leaders. The informative presentations and a productive workshop made this two days really valuable.

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Fantastic year-end vacation in the United Arab Emirates

Three years ago, a dream has been added to my bucket list that I would like to watch the New Year’s Eve fireworks at the Burj Khalifa. I have been many times to Dubai and Abu Dhabi courtesy of DXN, but I have always wanted to see this event. We and a couple of diamonds decided to live our dreams in the first minutes of 2015. Finally we and the Böczkös family have taken the first steps towards the goal and everything was ready in April. Before our trip the local leaders found out that we were going and they made a very memorable week for us. Events, experiences and an unforgettable New Year’s Eve. Thank you Mr Jijith, Mr. Hasan Bin Marei Akathiri, DXN Dubai Office, DXN Abu Dhabi Office and Mr. Sulaiman Abdulrahman who was with us and made our journey wonderful. You can be sure that as a DXN leader you can be anywhere in the world, the DXN’s large family is waiting for you. These are not just words, this is reality.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


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Tündi’s first presentation in DXN colours

Tündi made her first presentation at the last DXN event of the year. It was the first time that DXN is just her everyday life as well. She made presentations several times before, but the feeling of freedom, the energy and power, which is emanated from her, was really noticeable now. It was a good feeling to have been enriched with three new direct-Star Ruby since the last cycle and not only us, but our business partners is moving towards their goals. But this is how DXN works.  :-)

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Quick visit to DXN Service Center in London

I went to London at dawn on Friday because I gave a presentation on the possibilities of DXN Europe and DSP kits (see more on It was good to meet with our business partners, although the team is small, but there is power in them. The next day I went back to Budapest early because there was the last quarterly seminar where Tündi, my wife was one of the presenters. Come on DXN London, come on DXN UK!

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This year Santa Claus brought a lot of knowledge for the new members in the DXN BOOM. This event is organized for new members and traditionally held every month, in rural locations every two months, so anyone who wants income from DXN business can learn the basics of networking from the best.

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DXN Dynamic Start Program in UK London

DXN London UK

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Come with us to homeland of DXN

Three-month program to get to Malaysia. Are you interested?

Malaysia is waiting for you

Malaysia is waiting for you

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My presentation on DXN ITSP on MSC Preziosa

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