DXN luxury cruise is coming soon

We go to Venice on Friday to board Europe’s current largest cruise ship. The route is Venice-Bari-Katakolon-Istanbul-Izmir-Dubrovnik. A few years ago I went everywhere alone, now I’m travelling with my family and a couple of business partners. We are moving on the road.


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DXN online presentation

DXN presentation

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DXN Star Agent Training in Budapest and Online

We started Star Agent training with our team, which is becoming a tradition. We will share all the information with our leaders in three-month cycles, which are considered to be important in achieving the next level. It was the first time that was live broadcast and there are many opportunities to develop, but despite this, many people were watching us online. Nearly 10% of the team reached the first level of acknowledgment, the Star Agent level. However, we see that there is a need for new approaches to the next steps. These trainings are meant to help with this. Based on feedback from participants and the next day’s actions it’s safe to say it helps. Before the training Dr Bea Csizmadia pharmacist specialist and graduated naturopathic gave a successful presentation on the operation of the medicinal mushrooms in our body. Bea is specially instructed since she graduated in medicinal mushrooms.

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Leadership meeting in Vienna

DXN leadership

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Facebook contest winner announced

I was very curious to see what others come to mind when they hear that word, MLM. I have been planning to write a book for a long time about those experiences, which sent us into a recognized business level. I always wondered why people see the same things in a thousand ways. Why someone after many years of hard refusal will be the forefront of an MLM company, or even someone who actively worked in two-three MLM company because he believed in the industry than become completely passive later. What experiences or what fears motivate or hinder the results in this business. I am glad to see your thoughts, your ideas on the blog as well.

However, that’s not the point right now, because it will be there in my book, but the draw what we did today at 12.00 am with Tündi. Congratulations to the winner, to Roserné Kidernay Gabriella. Maybe the moment of the transfer and the first sips and experiences will also be documented.

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Leadership training in Budapest and Online

On Saturday, we are having a few hours training to our leaders above Star Agent level, where we share our thoughts on the new tasks that will help in achieving the higher levels.

Leadership Training in Budapest

Leadership Training in Budapest

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My DXN story

Our story started in 2008. A very nice couple with whom we had many years of working relationship constantly talked about to looking for a MLM business because they think this is the way to make your fortune. He worked in Internet field and it was his speciality. He was looking for a product for which with his online knowledge can build a professional online support system.

I trusted him so there was no question of accession, mainly because there wasn’t any risk factor.

I considered as a hobby and also treated as a hobby for a while, but there were quite promising phenomena. After a week of DXN coffee consumption I needed about an hour less sleep and I was more energetic and the positive feedbacks from my surrounders after the consumption of Ganoderma forced me to talk at more and more places with more and more people about the DXN.

It was enough to reach the Star Agent and the Star Ruby and Star Diamond level. Up to this point, I did almost everything alone because 20 years ago Tündi gathered negative MLM experiences which prevented her to seriously look into the possibilities of DXN business. Her experiences with the products bring her closer to DXN, and when I reached the diamond level she apologized me in a really touching way, and now our goal is the same. The realization of how much we can help people medically and financially were buoyed to learn more and be even better in communication, in relationship with people and in leadership.

The key is in these areas because the company’s products are equally great and perfect for everyone.

We are committed to the direction to touch more people and help them to overcome everyday problems and enabling them to inspire others.

It became our mission. My wife, who is supporting me for over 30 years, Tündi after 27 years of successful and effective work could let go her first job and now we do things in pairs multiplying our efforts to achieve our goals. We have no doubt we will reach the highest level in DXN business. Until the target date there is still a lot of discussion, learning, training and consulting, but we enjoy every moment what we spend with inspiring people. We are looking forward to new opportunities, new partners, and the true success is when we see their positive results and positive turns of their life.

So that’s why we’re in DXN business, and that’s why we are in the right place at the right time.

We are currently in Gold Diamond level, but it’s just a station. A step which shows our results, how many people we could inspire and help to reach the diamond level. This is a wonderful result, but as long as you or anyone else who wants to break out and solve his problems and let them jointly overcomes his fears, there will always be a next task.

Be the next task for us! Sign up at http://dxnkave.hu/member_registration_private because, as I wrote at the beginning, there is no risk.

Good luck on your journey!

Great to build together. Tündi is more than my partner

Great to build together. Tündi is more than my partner

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A dream came true again

It has long been planned to increase our DXN enterprise to a level that we spend a lot of time together and not only during the holidays and at weekends, but the weekdays as well. A dream came true on October 1st when Tündi last came out of the revolving door of her first work place after a successful and effective, though sometimes exhausting period of 27 years. They were great moments that night, when the family could really be free to happy for each other. They were touching moments. Tears and smiles, remembering and planning and cloudless happiness. This is the feeling we’ve just lived through, but the real goal is just beginning. We want to be a part of those moments when our leaders and/or prospective business partners live through their own similar experiences. All our attention is turned to those people who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true and I know that Tündi and I will implement hundreds and thousands of DXN networkers’ bolder ideas.

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Quality free time with quality people

I love to spend my free time with people who inspire me, enjoy and plan the life. It’s getting more and wider repertoire that we can actively spend our expanding time what networking offered. 5 years. It’s a lot or a few, hard to say. Many in prison, but terms of the length of our lives and the 40 years of work to retirement in workplace are very few. We were not the fastest, we were not the best, we didn’t wake up earliest, but in a lot of things, we are unique. This uniqueness is what took us to the Gold Diamond level and the indescribable attention what we do for our goals and business partners takes us far more in the field of DXN business. We know that we are in the right place and know that you are in the right place!

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Regular DXN presentations at several locations

We are constantly working to make DXN products and DXN business opportunities available to more and more people. A lot of people join us for cheaper purchasing of the medicinal mushrooms or coffees and more and more people realize that during the continuous and satisfied use of the products quite a few people talking about their positive experiences without any commercial consideration. If we are conscious in this area, then we can expect the growing traffic commission. Because of the increasing demand for healthy nutrition, our job is easier every day if we regularly and carefully offer the DXN products.

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