II. DXN Leadership Training Camp Bulgaria – DAY 3

After a fantastic gala dinner the leadership training camp has continued on Sunday. Dr. Lim shared the DXN’s vision for the coming years and we really do not have to worry. The special technologies make our products unique and inimitable. As well as the high ethical standards which are followed by DXN takes us further down the road. I am glad and proud that I can represent these values together with my leadership team.

I also had the opportunity to share my thoughts and experiences about my five years in DXN.


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Dr.Lim DXN CEO’s message to French partners

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There is a fantastic mood in the II. European Leadership Traning Camp

Great leaders, excellent mood, loads of information and professional leadership training. The cream of DXN is in Bulgaria now. The vision of the following years and the growth in the last period made DXN the fastest growing MLM Company. Due to the activities of European leaders DXN has become a real tangible possibility in many countries in the continent. I’m really glad that many Hungarian Leaders and the all-new Star Agents from Sweden also came. It will be a real competitive advantage for the participants.

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We arrived at the site of DXN Leadership Training Camp in Bulgaria

After a long and tiring but fun journey we arrived in beautiful Bulgaria. A magnificent hotel with wonderful green mountains, golf course and a gorgeous lake welcomed us. We are waiting for the participants.

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DXN Diamond meeting on the Success-Farm

Our usual diamond training and team building weekend meeting was held at Lake Balaton for fifth time. As always, there were shared leadership experiences, trainings and a lot of program and fun. The priority, high traffic managers arrived to the VIP meeting on Friday and the others joined us on Saturday. It was an honour to welcome László Kócsó and Anikó crowned ambassadors and István Böczkös, the general manager and owner of DXN Europe Kft and his family among us. Congratulatulations on this board to our diamonds who with their everyday activities help DXN to be on the rightful place on the top line of MLM companies. We have strengthened our mission as well. We strive to help more people every year in our neighbourhood who develop their personality and financial stability and in good health they can live a more cheerful and happier life.

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DXN boat trip on the Danube

We took a boat trip which was organized by the DXN Europe Kft from Budapest to Szentendre. We had a great time together with our business partners.

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Reward day for the winners of our challenge

The winners of our challenge were rewarded with a wonderful day on Lake Balaton which was at the same time as Kékszalag.  (Kékszalag is the oldest sailing regatta in Hungary, and the concept is pretty simple: who can sail around Lake Balaton in the shortest time?)

Schmidt Józsefné Évi and Karsa Andrea have completed our announced sponsorship and sales challenge in the past few months .We had a great time together in high winds. We sailed with the Kékszalag’s leading group for a short time but with their unbelievable speed they quickly outrun us.

Congratulations once again to Évi and Andi and I’m sure that their network will bring the expected success and the diamond level for them as well.


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DXN Eyes on Bulgaria

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Diamond toys for DXN leaders

It was a cloudy Monday in Nagyatád. István Böczkös who is the executive director of DXN Europe KFT invited us to a party for the leaders where a lot of diamond toys and a great company received us. It is good to belong here.

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DXN VSC has been opened in Malmö

The last three days have been very busy for us. DXN products are available in Sweden on the Virtual Service Center since 25 of June. Congratulations to the Swedish leaders, they are doing a really great and successful job there. I’m sure we will soon celebrate a lot of new diamonds in this beautiful country.

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