Interview with us in DXNLIFE Magazine

Can you imagine a better programme for a beautiful summer day than talking to Gold Diamond leaders Szabolcs and Tündi Czérna on the board of their sailing boat on the beautiful Lake Balaton in Hungary? Continue reading, so you can also experience success and freedom as they are living it.

TEXT WRITTEN BY Susanna Palma Krusinszki

1. Please tell us a little bit about yourselves and why you decided to build the DXN business.

31 years together

31 years together

Since we are on the board of our sail- ing ship, we start by saying that this is something we really love and we real- ly wanted to have a summer in which we could decide to go sailing together whenever the weather was fine. So it was important not to have obligations towards any company or person that could keep us from doing this. Anyways, a few words about our- selves. I used to work as a PE teach- er. We both practiced a lot of sports, Tünde played basket in the first divi- sion and I played soccer in the second devision and later in Austria. So this is our sporting background. Our entrepreneur life started with mushrooms, we started to cultivate champignon mushroom in 500 square meters, this was our first business while I was working as a teacher and Tündi also had her full time job. Maybe one day we will publish a book entitled “From mushroom to mushroom”, because we know that this is our last business. Last because we put all our energies in it, we know that this is a long term business for more generations so we know that it will accompany our whole life. So as I told you before, we were both practicing sports, we always seeked victory, we got used to play in a team and to train hard and we can really benefit from this in this business.

2. How did you start building your business?

DXN Leader

My goal is the DXN Crown Ambassador

It was about 6 years ago when I re- ceived an e-mail from László Kócsó. We have always been good friends, we have already worked together and we knew the qualities of one anoth- er. The most important thing is that always trusted each other. When he sent me the mail and I read coffee and MLM I got immediately interested and I had the feeling that it was an opportunity that we could not miss. We started this as a hobby, I already had my telemarketing business that is 21 years old now and I’m still working in it with a partner. This is interesting be- cause even 6 years ago I said that the MLM business is a perfect enterprise that you can do even if you have a job or another enterprise. So it is not like a last chance for someone who has no other working opportunities. This is a genial business that you can build even if you are already earning from another job and I think that in Europe it will remain an opportunity not to miss for many other years.

3. Which are your favorite DXN products?

We like coffee very much, my favorite DXN coffee is the Vita Coffee. How- ever, we have to say that actually we cannot call any product a favorite product because we are using all the DXN products. We use them every day, on one hand because the compa- ny is generously compensating us and on the other hand, these are very high quality products and we can afford ourselves to use them every day, and so do our family members.

4. How do you prefer building your business in so much as personal meetings, online ads, social media or blogging?

with DXN CEO Dr. Lim Siow Jin

with DXN CEO Dr. Lim Siow Jin

I’ve always worked in sales and com- munication, today I can say that I’m an expert in communication. I frequented many trainings because for a telemar- keting company the communication is everything. The MLM business is also based on communication so I like personal meetings very much. However, it is important to note that today the MLM business is not as it was 8, 10 or 20 years ago. The online events are taking the place of the offline ones, you can reach out to more people on Youtube than during a home meeting. I believe in the mix of these communications. To find prospects today it is very important to be online, to show yourself on Facebook, on your blog, to build trust. It is very important to build trust also in the online world. Later, when you already have found the prospects, it is important to give them a system of tools.

5. In your opinion what is the secret of success in DXN?

DXN LIFE Magazine

DXN LIFE Magazine

In my opnion the secret of success is to work in a system. At the beginning we didn’t think about it because the products are so good, the company is so fair that it was not important for us to think about a system. Now that we have big plans for Europe we started to think about a system that is going to help us grow very much, and in our network we found business partners for this. This system can be copied, so people will know what to do between the registration and the desired success. People often get stuck and they say OK, it is a beautiful business, the products are good, I see that it is posi- ble to earn much, but how can I do this? At the beginning a good sponsor can help a lot, but when the network is big you must have a good system. You need books, you need tools, you need events. If you don’t build these conciously into your business, it won’t be copied and sooner or later the ma- chine will stop.

6. How has DXN changed your life?

DXN Leader

The life is a continuous progress

Well, it is a very very good thing that we are sitting in our sailboat on a working day. My wife is here with me and for me the biggest joy is that tomorrow we are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary and I don’t have to worry if she makes it home from work so we can go out. I know that we will spend the evening together. Anyways, we are not so particular about tomorrow, we are not waiting for this particular day because all of our days are very happy. We are not celebrating that oh, wow, we made it to this day. I’m thankful be- cause she is my partner and that we can live the life we want to, we can say that we have freedom and certanty in our lives. Even if we still don’t earn the money we want to, we have the certanty that we are able to make it happen. We know that we can make it, we can help new prospects to start their business, we can find new prospects anytime. Even if we are here on the lake, just like today, we have al- ready had a DSP registration. We had new registrations yesterday and also last weekend we met new prospects who are checking out our site and our videos since then. So we experienced many important changes, but the big- gest ones are traveling and freedom.

7. What are your plans for the future?

DXN is our life

DXN is our life

My big inner desire is to reach the highest business qualification, I want to become a Crown Ambassador. I also set time for this, it is very nice to celebrate your 50th birthday, so I decided that I will celebrate my 50th birthday as a Crown Ambassador. On this very important day I plan to have a huge party with our Diamonds so we can celebrate together. Honestly, I won’t be proud because I reached this level but because this means that I helped hundreds or thousands of people to change their financial sit- uations, to get out from the tunnel, they started to walk the path of inde- pendence. They have hope, they have something to live for, to work for and they have goals. This is very motivat- ing for me. Before ending the interview I must add that although I’m speaking in first person, I have always worked with my wife and since October we work closely together. She has always sup- ported and helped my business, she contributed to my success. During this last year that she is finally not work- ing anywhere else I can say that she is taking a huge part in our projects. Thank you for letting us share our thoughts in the magazine and congratulations to all of the readers who are considering the DXN business opportunity seriously. I really hope to meet all of you during the travel seminars.

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VI. DXN Diamond Weekend on the Czérna Success-Farm

I am looking forward to this meeting more and more every year. People, leaders come here, who want to be here and for whom the participation is prestige. This year, in addition to Czérna Success-Farm, the Zolka Inn was the location. It was good to plan the future, to define the tasks, and also was good to play, hike, sail and be together. It was a pleasure to be with the newly qualified diamonds, but the new VIP Diamond, Zoli Börtsök would have received a great ovation, but Ancsi Biró’s child, Botond had fallen asleep :-) . Mara Romhányi’s birthday and her regular fantastic cake was just icing on the top (literally). There were games, learning, laugh and fun. Next year, the same place with you and the constantly qualifying new diamonds.

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The first DXN Info Center in our team

As a new initiative, we launched Info Centers in our team in Budapest. In collaboration with Szilárd and Heni Mátrai, in the first meeting, Dr. Sándor Deák, head physician of internal medicine held a fantastic lecture on the relationship between functioning of our body and the DXN products.

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New energy after the DXN Boat Trip

It was sweltering heat, but full house on the DXN boat trip. Children, grandmothers and business partners enjoyed a refreshing slice of travel and delight in the beautiful sights of Vác. The refreshing ice on the Danube riverbank or a cold soft drink on the shaded terraces makes a pleasant atmosphere to the conversations.

After the filling up, in addition to the traditional professional and medical conferences also started the first Information Centre in Budapest, which can be visited on a monthly basis from now on. The first invited guest will be Dr. Sandor Deak, head physician of internal medicine.

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Barcelona is the venue of this year’s DXN Leadership Training camp

In late July, the parent company organizes the 3rd DXN Leadership Training Camp in Barcelona. Because of the wonderful location, several participants extend their journey, so we can consult with our business partners from many different countries and also to plan for the following period. The invited presenter Dr. Lim guarantees the development and learning and I’m sure that this year’s camp also will be full of surprises. In my presentation I will highlight the key role of management tasks in the network.


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In Malmö again, at our Swedish DXN Team

I spent useful and great days in Malmö again. The city and the people were getting close to my heart. I am sure that many DXN partner will be successful in this city.

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Step out of the comfort zone

Sometimes we need to widen our internal and physical boundaries. I am doing long-term hiking and performance tours for this reason. Over the past weekend the conditions of Kali 60 was perfect to expanding our comfort zone. We spent incredible hours together with my family in torrential rain, mud while climbing the volcanic mountains and finish the tour in the dark with headlamps. These tours always remind me that our boundaries are not the ones what we know. Our decisions and strong intent open new boundaries.

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When a dream comes true

At the weekend we took part in the opening ceremony of Folly Arboretum after a long and costly reconstruction and development. After the opening speech of Réka Folly many things came to mind. Four generations had to grow up order to realize this dream. All members of four generations struggled in defiance of historical and political hardships and always kept in mind and see the goal, what we see today as a visitor. How many people out there who are not able to keep focus on their dreams and objectives for a week or just one day? A few months have passed and if they don’t see results, the whole plan can go away and they look for new ones, hoping that it will be easier and maybe the “luck” will be with them. For me, Reka’s example also shows that the “luck” likes to associate with those who know what they want, and they see the goal and fight for it. The icing on the cake was that DXN was also represented by Eszter Rohály and on this special day the curious and very special participants could taste the DXN coffees as well.

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Ayurveda meeting in Ganoderma Club Sopron

Extraordinary guests were in Ganoderma Club in Sopron on Thursday afternoon. They are two really excellent and well-known representative of Ayurvedic philosophy, Dr Sunada Ranade and Prof. Em. Dr. Subhash Ranade accepted our invitation. They came from the Dutch Ayurveda World Conference, where they were the main organizer and speakers of the event. Our guests were accompanied by Mr Jijith DXN Marketing Director and Zuzana Kormanova the head of the DXN Slovakia with whom we had a delightful lunch and sightseeing together. At the meeting, a number of new inquiring faces appeared, who are attracted to this part of the Indian philosophy of life. The male member of the couple talked about their relationship with the DXN, how to nurture the both 7 types of tissue with DXN’s exceptionally clean ganoderma. They talked about how they use Spirulina and Ganoderma in their own private therapy, about their DXN Farm visit 2 years ago and their relationship with Dr. Lim as well. It was an honour for their presence in Sopron.

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50 km hiking on the day after the DXN meeting

The Gerecse 50 performance tour was in Saturday in which we were not able to attend due to the DXN Restart Day. The next day we started with a couple of friends along the same route to fulfil the required distance within 12 hours. Our small team managed to complete within 11 hours, thereby giving a very good preparation for the Káli 60 and the Kinizsi 100.

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