International guests and many new appreciations at the DXN weekend seminar

One of the best DXN events ended at the weekend, which was due to the great venue and the professional presentations. We celebrated here the DXN’s 6th birthday with a gala and DXN Talent Show. We greatly welcomed our business partners from Sweden and France, but the Hungarian partners’ success in this weekend has been higher. In addition to our three new Diamonds, a new Executive Diamond, a new Senior Diamond and a Double Diamond qualified to our team over the past month. Great period occurs in the future, as the Hungarian market has been waking up and in the international area also more and more people realize the stability, the business fairness and last but not least, the profitability of DXN. Many people dream of being in the right place at the right time.

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French DXN leader in Hungary

Our French business partner Karine Chapon and her mother spent five days with us. With her sponsor Eszter Rohály we got some new and valuable ideas and Karine attended and gave presentation at 6th birthday of DXN. She is a real strong leader, who can start opening the French market as well. Karine and Eszter met online, but maintenance of permanent contacts, web conferences and consultations Karine decided they have to meet. This 5-day was a great experience for us as well. We got to know with great ladies and I’m sure we will be together many times in many place courtesy of DXN.

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László Kócsó was the special guest of the DXN Ganoderma Club

Active members and visitors who are curious about the medicinal mushrooms, DXN natural cosmetics and of course the available business potential of these products meet on a weekly basis. Last week, Dr Bea Csizmadia was with us and this week László Kócsó Crowned Ambassador was our guest. After his useful and constructive presentation several participants decided to join us on the road. The participants could experience the business model of DXN and saw that it really is a great opportunity for them as well.

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On the way together….

At the weekend was the first part of our new program called ’On the way together’. 22 people began the session in which the main goal is after the 6th weekend everyone moves up at least two levels on the ranks of DXN. Resolute leaders with help and controlling of their partners are making their activities more efficient and effective. Sunday afternoon a video recorded the vows that are the focus of the next two months and a review about us. Only the greatest people, who strive to be the best, dare to make public commitments and according to my plans and the experience of this weekend, the team is suitable to achieve the highest objectives. The way is easier and brighter together. I already felt the power on Sunday evening with which I have done things that I did very long time ago, or never.

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Sunday thoughts after an active week

It was a very busy, but a useful week again. I had many negotiations, several presentations and trainings. When I get to do what I love everything changes around me. I have been feeling since October, since we started working together with Tündi on a daily basis that we are getting better and better and more effective. Our plans come true, our goals are getting closer. Our weekly DXN programs are Skype and Web conferencing on Monday, negotiations on Tuesday, public presentation on Wednesday in DXN Center, on Thursday Bea Csizmadia gave a fantastic presentation on healing mushrooms, I held a training course on how to find the good sentences in every situation to start a sales conversation easily and naturally, on Saturday I was a presenter together with more great leaders on DXN BOOM in Pécs. We weren’t even frightened of the 30 cm snow. Maybe you start to think that it is too much work. Why? Well, yes. It is a matter of choice. What kind of dreams do you have? I know that most people would choose convenience, but what is convenience? Is that to go to the office every day and depend on everything and everyone? Worry for those, that your work will be paid?

I am willing to do anything from October to April in order to enjoy the joys of sailing at Lake Balaton every summer day or travel several times a year or a month to beautiful places, really live my life and not just on the Internet. Only a few things are more valuable than build a functioning distribution system, which provides an opportunity for longer family time, hobbies, travel, while the machine is working perfectly and produce. This can only be achieved with excellent and everyday products in a Multi-Level Marketing system. Many people say that they know it’s true, but there are only a few succeed in a system, like this. Fact, but think about how you feel when you read this lines. What kinds of reaction are coming out of you? You get the part of the answer here, why so few. Much more could be. There is hope, if you have gotten this far. The majority of people have been looking at pictures of another site, rather than star to plan their own future. That someone achieve success in DXN is only a matter of choice. It isn’t a question of money, not even the fear of loss. These things aren’t realistic in DXN. Rather, the fear of failure which can block you. What happens if you dare to dream and won’t come true? I encourage you! Dreaming is good. You can get ahead, if you dare to think about your future, as some of the people around you. The time during which your goal will be achievable depends on the preparedness, knowledge, family situation, leisure time, motivation, but if you have decided you will succeed. The instruments are already available to you. I am pleased if you share your thoughts, because only few of you are here at the end of the post.

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DXN EVENT in Vienna

2015 Februar 15.

2015 Februar 15.

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DXN Leadership Camp in Middle East

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Networking party in the DXN Center

I organize trainings on a monthly basis for those who want to be more confident in a situation where they can talk to other people about their DXN business or products. On these evenings, you will get feedback on the credibility of your sentences and with the others you will be confident in invitation, unexpected encounters in a playful way and you will not be a violent, pushy MLM person, who repels people around him. MLM is one of the most successful and most enjoyable commercial sectors if you are doing naturally, well and professionally. It’s up to you to learn them. We welcome you on the next training. Apply via e-mail!

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DXN Leadership Meeting in Gárdony

DXN organized a forward-looking and useful meeting to the Star Ruby and Star Diamond leaders. The informative presentations and a productive workshop made this two days really valuable.

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Fantastic year-end vacation in the United Arab Emirates

Three years ago, a dream has been added to my bucket list that I would like to watch the New Year’s Eve fireworks at the Burj Khalifa. I have been many times to Dubai and Abu Dhabi courtesy of DXN, but I have always wanted to see this event. We and a couple of diamonds decided to live our dreams in the first minutes of 2015. Finally we and the Böczkös family have taken the first steps towards the goal and everything was ready in April. Before our trip the local leaders found out that we were going and they made a very memorable week for us. Events, experiences and an unforgettable New Year’s Eve. Thank you Mr Jijith, Mr. Hasan Bin Marei Akathiri, DXN Dubai Office, DXN Abu Dhabi Office and Mr. Sulaiman Abdulrahman who was with us and made our journey wonderful. You can be sure that as a DXN leader you can be anywhere in the world, the DXN’s large family is waiting for you. These are not just words, this is reality.

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